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The virtue lies in the equilibrium.  Mediterranean, that means: in the middle of the earth. The  gentle light at 45 degrees best defines the forms of a body. It was this gentle light that led to the development of  artistic cultural life here: not too much light, nor too little, since both extremes dazzle and blind persons cannot  see. Authentic art is the concrete vision of the  world of material objects, and this vision is favoured by the Mediterranean light.
Reflections of Antonio Gaudí 1914 – 1926.

I needed nearly ten years to understand what the term tradition really means. We have been living among ink and paper, images and typographic symbols for long. As a respresentative of this profession I feel closely  connected to  the graphic arts, their symbols and their concepts that want to be expressed in an understandable way.

From the moment I met Antonio Sánchez-Santiage I felt fascinated by his work and his person. I loved his way of describing his individuel view of things, his most individual character, our solidary way through life. I loved his interrogative intellect, his courage, his profound convictions even when clad  in simple expression.

I thank Sánchez-Santiago for his optimistic colours, his efforts to illuminate things, his will to be positive.  We are lucky enough to see that highest aims can be reached by effort, intelligence and enthousiasm.

Sánchez-Santiago is convinced – and his works are proof of it  -  that his fears facing  the virgin canvas can be overcome transforming the doubts into creativity.
He is a man  who  really knows all about art. He is sailing on the ocean of forms and colours, he loves the route, since he is aware of the fact that each moment of life is  irretrievable.
There is no manual fort the art of life. Nobody tells us how to be happy, how to educate our children, how to  cultivate friendship; no are we told that the end of the journey is not the aim, but the path that leads to it.

Grandfather used to say: „A sailing boat will never find  favourable winds if it does not know  ist destination.“ Sánchez-Santiago, as I said, is navigating on the crest of a wave facing the wind. He knows his route and leaves behind him  a wake of light.

His manual in an anchor that fixes his knowledge. It explains in a graphic way the instincts of life which are not easy to explain, those interior feelings that no simple words can describe, the expression of humility, proof of effort, passion and a feeling of responsibility toward the human condition.
This interior search for natural inspiration and his ability to focus the essential enable him to start a new trip toward new forms of interpretation of our uncertain present time.

Enric Borràs


The artistic evolution of   Sánchez-Santiago is  exemplary. Starting with a wide range of abstract and also material signs using natural elements as  reed, he maintained his predilection for ochre tones:  proof of it was  his series  Lanscapes of reed.
Later he created fascinating sculptures and  pictures which convey in a  perfect   expressionist manner  graphic allusions through artificial metal pieces: best shown in his series „Caps“ (heads). In constant development of his art - which  never reached up to rupture -  the artist continues creating  large size pictures with his passion for material in general  and  for iron wire in particular.
The observer is fascinated by these elements and the change of colours Sánchez-Santiago has proved:  by now he prefers cold  blue tones. His Calligraphy in iron is  conclusive as to  composition and expression. Distributing on  the canvas different blue tones he adds iconographic elements as for instance a metal wire which forms a powerful poetic calligraphy.A hand writing that surpasses the limits of his canvas, inviting the observer to bring about a  dialogue between  pigment and subject matter, between  expressionist breath and poetic energy.

Jaume Fàbrega



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