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Antonio Sánchez-Santiago is a painter of the Ampurdan region, a part of Spain where light becomes  diffuse in the mountains but exploses at the sea side.

For that reason it seems only normal that his paintings are just light and colour.

But he adds to these elements his  individual style and a rhythmic composition of the contents.

Antonio Sánchez-Santiago's artistic work proves that sometimes a pencil can create more poetry than a pen, and that one colour may contain more nuances than the whole palette of life.

To see his creations is  restful  for a strained  soul: just like contemplating the sea from  a small beach or facing  the strong energy of a walk in the mountains.

He is a painter with a  developed talent as a  drawer, but his creations surpass the limits of reality and show us  the mystique of forms and colours. This combination is so successful in his paintings that it represents an  artistic tendency   of  its  own -  not  influenced by  other  important  Catalan painters.  Sánchez-Santiago has achieved his reputation  by his own merits.

Jaume Abrisqueta

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Sánchez-Santiago, the Spanish painter with residence in Switzerland, is a surprising revelation when we regard his recent series  Footsteps in the sand and  Reed landscapes. It seems that he is searching his own way like some of the Japanese painters of the young generation do.

His  creativity and imagination are  impressing. In an atmosphere of surrelism combined with elements of exententialism Sánchez-Santiago offers in Figueras a subtle, mysterious and silent search which at the same time shows by generously spreaded quantities of one colour the limits of  surface of some  large size  pictures. The mental effort of this artist is absolutely exceptional.

Narcís Pijoan


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