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Pictorial works Sánchez-Santiago rocks, small, senses around his native Roses, captured, captured not only through physical eyes, but reevaluated internal light its shaken sensitivity. It is not enough to only look, it is necessary to see, feel, squeeze internal immaterial sensations abstract realities whispers daily life smoothed roughness, charms, contradictions, rough roots, pierced, existence harmonised burning coexistence.

Sánchez-Santiago shapes two clarified aspects: one originating Informalism guaranteed chronologically time anxiety produced after second world brawl. Texture paint stage Sánchez-Santiago activating hidden conscience means within long pilgrimage his visual dedication, hobbies; background his work float springs, we remember nearby Roses native, grafted lyrical din Mediterranean classicism.
Great textured piece (Arizona), sensation unbreachable wall, separation boundary, cracked time, rediscovered on defined obstacles, complementary material excess, state or mind, imposed hindrances; pair deduction presents monumental composition cubic relieves visually harmonised backgrounds black knots, blood on white tones, index emanations, retentions, squeezed; chromatic expression darkness, suffering, red exploded energies, purification dawn, luminous resound remote liberated shakes; captured matter reconverted visual model, stylistic, strength, vigour.

Another contribution production Sánchez-Santiago reaches lyrically immaterial goals profusion chromatic blue transparencies; from trodden plains suffered earth, dark, burnt reds, dark blonde deserts, state raised direction pure transparent foundations search tough distances horizons unknown.
Embezzled souls, rediscovered paths life, turquoise tenderness sheltered, smoothness surrounded tangled coexistence; two blurred forms two shaken spirits; crystalline tonality index peaceful, delight approach, overcoming distances, nearby matched distances, connected thin thread reaffirmed desire, anxious search unit, solitude registers would reconvert fluid transparency, emotive unravelling deep dark hells.

Clarified postulation patent pictorial production Sánchez-Santiago immersion hidden bowels harmonised textured matter light blue tonalities, dawns, mindful touches, intimate shakes, delights rub astral confines, adventures spaces shaken, all thanks captivating compositions where the upand- down (profusion whites, blues, tans) shake hands commanded particular sensitive insistence, his personal style, defined visual stamp.


Joseph Vallès i Rovira


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