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Sánchez Santiago is an artist with an innovativen spirit that borders on the new conventional concepts.
His works play with elements that break with classic geometry in the most aesthetic combinations of the most diverse materials.
The Mediterranean, with its clear light, impregnates his painting.
In their classic tones in ranges with simplification and dexterity contrasting them on occasion with the blue of infinity.
In his very varied compositions he fights to break moulds and classicisms with his conceptual spirit and, at the same time, with laudable balance.
His humanised textures play to try to provoke a relationship with the perception of those who contemplate them.
Sánchez Santiago is a painter with a solid style and outstanding values with a future in which it seems more and more sculptural shapes appear.
With an eager future,

Lluís Llongueras

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Sánchez-Santiago discovers abstract signs in connection with vegetal elements, such as reed, but also with other materials like iron, wire,  cloth and paper. His favourite colors are ochre, white and light blue, which can be found in nearly all his paintings, but he also likes brown, black, metal grey and dark blue tones.

His paintings - contrary to  the traditional technique of painting upon cloth - seem three-dimensional, especially through the application of cables and iron wires.

This combination of painting and sculpture techniques is also clearly shown in the modern materials which the artist uses as frames for some of his paintings, as for example in the series Caps.

But not only the pigments convey character to Sánchez-Santiagos paintings, but also graffiti, stripes and rough surfaces, not to speak of paper and cloth collages applied on textile elements which suggest forms and symmetry in a nearly subliminal manner.

As a logic consequence of his artistic curriculum, Sánchez-Santiago has recently created a series of totem sculptures with iron and plastic elements that seem to carry an explosive load.

Jaume Fàbrega



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