Sanchez Santiago Curriculum

Projects and Personal Exhibitions

VIP ART GROUP From 2017 to 2027 all creations, works and projects of the artist Sanchez-Santiago are exclusively represented internationally by “Vip Art Group”

INTERNATIONALS PROJECTS Organization of exhibitions and international projects organized through “Vip Art Group” in London, Paris, Zurich, Toronto, Chicago, Miami or New York, among other cities.

“I LIKE THE SILVER” SCULPTURE Designs the sculpture project "I Like The Silver" five meters high by seven long, representing a large silver branch molded by the wind - Dubai.

“METALLIC WAVES” SCULPTURE Design and installation of the sculpture project "Olas Metálicas" 22 meters long by 2.50 meters high, made with large metal plates and representing a great moving sea - Spain.

ECO-CYBERNETIC ARCHITECTURE PROJECT Designed and projected by the partners Sánchez-Santiago and the architect Orlando de Urrutia, where they create sustainable sculptural-architectural projects, of the latest generation, integrated with nature and the environment that surrounds them. International Project.

ART-CAR DESIGN Artistic design studio, about a Mercedes Maybach.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · ART BOOKS Creation of a limited and exclusive series of “Art Books” signed and numbered, where each book is unique and consists of 19 watercolors all original and signed by the artist. The works were sold out the same day of their presentation.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · EXCLUSIVELY Presents a limited edition of paintings for international art collectors, entitled "Studio Paintings".

NEW ART CATALOG Edition of the new art catalog by the artist Sanchez-Santiago entitled "Yellow" in which the most important works of his career and his latest collection “Energetic Landscapes” are represented.

DESIGN AND INTERNATIONAL CREATION OF SCULPTURES Design and creation of a collection of large-scale sculptures made of different materials. The works with stylized lines are very representative of the artist's style. The sculptures will be represented in private international art collections.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · EXCLUSIVE BRAND Create exclusive and unique projects of interior artistic design and architecture with the artist's exclusive brand, giving an international stamp and added value to the works.

“METALLIC WAVES AND WIND” PROJECT Sanchez-Santiago, creates the artistic project "Metallic Waves and Sails" in a house with modern architecture and EcoCybernetic concept. In his artistic work he uses sustainable materials and is fully integrated into the natural environment that surrounds him, optimizing energy efficiency to the maximum - Spain.

“TOTEMS” SCULPTURES Creation and installation of large sculptures from the "Totems" series in important spaces of international private collections.

LIBRART International Salon of Contemporary Art - Belgium.

BIENNIAL EUROPEAN ART He is invited to exhibit at the Biennial European Art in France, by the president of "Rencontes Europeennes d'Art" and organizer, Mr. Klaus Rehder - Saint Genis des Fontaine - France.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · SCULPTURE Project and installation of a large ephemeral sculpture entitled "Vortice Rosso" made with large plates of metallic red aluminum, which represents the force of infinite energy - Lugano - Switzerland.

MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY Presents a large retrospective of the collection entitled "Between heaven and earth" works in which the artist expresses the balance between matter and spirituality - Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA.
At the same time, part of this work is also presented in the E.Arias galleryin Barcelona.

C De MAR GALLERY Exhibition in the C del Mar Art Space in Piriapolis, where he presents the sails collage collection, of great visual impact and message about our natural world - Piriapolis - Uruguay.

CULTURAL HALL The artistic advisor and art historian Mr. Carles Coll organizes an exhibition for you in the Cultural Hall in Bogota, where he presents a series of collage-paintings on the environmental impact on our lives - Bogota - Colombia.

EUROPEAN ART Art MeetIng - “Collage Edition” France, Spain and Köln Germany.

“PROFILE” SCULPTURE Realization and installation of the sculptural project "Profile" made of metal 4 meters high and weighing one ton was installed at the entrance of the prestigious Hotel Mas Lazuli - Palau - Spain.

ZHEBI INTERIORISME Contemporary Art and Design Exhibition by Sanchez-Santiago in ZHEBI Interiorisme - Spain.

FOUNDATION PROMARIS AWARD The European-Mediterranean Foundation PROMARIS awards the artist Sanchez-Santiago for his professional career and for the international promotion of Mediterranean culture in the more than fifteen countries in which he has exhibited - Europe.

ST.ART INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR The Martin kletzel Contemporary Art Gallery presents the artist Sanchez-Santiago at the ST. ART International Contemporary Art Fair in Strasbourg with the work “Metallic Impact” - International catalog edition - Strasbourg - France.

MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY Presents at the Martin Kletzel Contemporary Art gallery, the art exhibition entitled "Metal Art" where he fuses in his works the strength of metal and the subtlety of color and its language - Buenos Aires - Argentina.


LA CIUTADELLA MUSEUM He exhibits at the International "European Art Festival" where he presents the work "Metallic Landscape" where large imaginary landscapes appear, the result of the fusion of materials and large pieces of metal. Where he expresses in his work, the balance between the strength and fragility of nature - Roses - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · INTERNATIONAL ART COLLECTIONS Create large murals for private international art collections. He always focused on sensitizing the viewer through his work, on the importance of protecting nature.

C DE MAR GALLERY Presentation of the collection "Blue Sails". Work in which he expresses light, blues and freedom through a subtle work on collage - Piriápolis - Uruguay.

SETDART Auction of the artist's works at the Setdart in Barcelona - Spain.

PORT GRAN GALLERY Presents one of the most complete collections of the artist, bringing together in this exhibition the most important artistic series of his career - Roses - Spain.

STUDIOS-GALLERIES The artist Sánchez-Santiago presents his work “Landscape of Light” in the artist's studios-galleries in Spain and Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO He travels through Europe to carry out two studies: a sociocultural study and another on the natural diversity of the continent and the connection of both. This project will result in a large number of sketches, collages and new work techniques that he uses to project new perspectives on his work and express the artist's sensitivity, creativity and connection with the world around us.

EGGO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR Presentation of the work paintings-paintings at the EGGO international art fair held in the city of CORDOBA, ARGENTINA (International Catalog Edition)
At the same time, it holds an exhibition at the MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY in Buenos Aires where it presents an intimate and personal work on our connection with the universe titled “The Blue Connection” Buenos Aires - Argentina.

“WATER BUILDING” Water Building Project - Building created and designed as Eco-Cybernetic Architecture Projecte by the architect Orlando de Urrutia, where the artist Sánchez-Santiago creates part of the interior architecture from an artistic point of view - Dubai.

SKYLINE GALLERY “Paintings of New York” It presents a collection inspired by the city of New York, from a structural point of view, where it uses materials, large volumes and purist and marked lines with which it manages to enhance a language between light, shadows and color - Stans - Switzerland.

GOESSENS GALLERY Exclusively presents the best collections of art by the artist Sánchez-Santiago - Maldonado - Uruguay.

ZHEBI INTERIODISME Contemporary Art and Design Exhibition by Sanchez-Santiago in Zhebi Interiorisme - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS Create and design a large number of objects, furniture, mirrors, chairs, lamps, rugs, murals among other unique and exclusive designs, to decorate your interior artistic architecture projects with the exclusive stamp of the artist.

TROPHIES-SCULPTURES DESIGN Creation and presentation of the bronze trophies-sculptures for the "II nit de L´esport" at the Roses theater together with personalities from the world of politics, the arts and sports - Spain.

“MEDITERRANEAN MASTER WEEK TROPHIE DESIGN Creates the "Wind and Wave" trophy-sculpture for the Mediterranean Master Week, International Sailing Regatta - Spain.

CAFE DE MAR PROJECT Make the artistic decoration and paintings for Cafe de Mar in Piriapolis - Uruguay.

“PORT PROJECT” He creates the artistic project Port Project, where he unites landscaping, interior design and fuses with the color and structure of the mansion that unites them. Located in front of the sea, he designs minimalist landscapes with great perspectives, where large palm trees appear between lush greenery and sculptures-totems with stylized shapes, he also creates large paintings integrated into the interior of the mansion using the subtlety of light as a unifier - Spain.

SKYLINE GALLERY Presentation and exhibition of his latest work entitled "Womens" at the Swiss Skyline Gallery, where he combines photography and painting in his works - Stans - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · PRIVATE COLLECTIONS The artist creates exclusive large-scale sculptures and murals for private collections in Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

Exhibition and presentation in THE MUSEUM LA CIUDADELA of Roses of the new work entitled "A new concept" where the artist presents large-format works where he mixes photography with painting where female portraits appear - Catalog Edition - Spain.

TROPHIES-SCULPTURES DESIGNS Creation and presentation of the bronze trophies-sculptures for the "I nit de L´esport" at the Roses theater together with personalities from the world of politics, the arts and sports - Spain.

MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY “Blue Contact” Collection - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

GOESSENS GALLERY Large permanent collection of paintings by the artist Sánchez-Santiago in the Goessens Gallery - Maldonado - Uruguay.

THE SKYLINE PRIVATE GALLERIES Presents the work of the artist Sánchez-Santiago at its headquarters in Stans and Luzern in Switzerland. The entire collection of the artist's works was acquired by an important Swiss collector - Stans and Luzern - Switzerland.

ESTIMARTE International auction of the work of Sanchez-Santiago in the auction house Estimarte - Catalog Edition - Argentina.

STUDIO-GALLERY SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO Two major exhibitions are presented at the same time in the Sanchez-Santiago Studios-Galleries in Spain and Switzerland. With a full house in both exhibitions and with the presence of important personalities, artists, collectors, art critics, presidents and the general públic - Spain - Switzerland.

HOY EN EL ARTE GALLERY Exhibition and catalog edition, of the series of paintings "Sentimientos" in the Hoy En El Arte Gallery in Buenos Aires - Argentina.

“EL TEU MON” ESCULPTURE DESIGS PROJECT He designs a large sculpture entitled "El Teu Mon" as the centerpiece of the landscaping project created by "Aspecte" for CaixaForum - Girona - Spain.

SKYLINE GALLERY Exhibition at the Skyline Gallery, of the "New Point" collection of paintings dedicated to the new social references of the new decade - Stans - Switzerland.

SENSORIAL ECO-ART The architect Orlando de Urrutia and the artist Sanchez-Santiago, present internationally the manifest of their new creative, artistic, ecological and sustainable concept, entitled SENSORIAL ECO-ART.

DESIGNS ART-TROPHY Design and create the exclusive and unique trophy of the classic "Windsurf Vintage" regatta in the bay of Roses - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · INTERIOR DESIGN AND ARQUITECTURE He creates various artistic projects of interior design and architecture, of houses and penthouses, with the exclusive stamp and style of the artist in Spain and Switzerland.

LA CIUTADELLA MUSEUM Contemporary art exhibition "CRACK" at the Espai Cultural La Ciutadella - Catalog Edition - Roses - Spain.

CONTEMPORARY ART FESTIVAL "Tramuntanart" - Port de la Selva - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · PROJECT The international architect Orlando de Urrutia and the artist Sanchez-Santiago present the sculptural-architectural project entitled "The Doors ToThe World” in Figueres - Spain.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF BUENOS AIRES Presents the artist's metal painting exhibition. Work in the museum's collection - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

TERESA NACHMANN GALLERY "Feelings" is the title of the exhibition that the artist makes, with which he expresses the positivity that characterizes him and that he transmits to the viewer in each of his works. His work receives important references from art critics, art curators, art historians and the general públic - Catalog Edition - Buenos Aires-Argentina.

AZUR GALLERY Auction of the artist's works at the AZUR Gallery in Buenos Aires - Argentina.

TRAMUNTANART Presents the sculpture "Cubic Sail" at the international festival of contemporary art “Tramuntanart” in Port de la Selva - Catalog Edition - Spain.

The MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY GALLERY and the ACEVEDO GALLERY Present paintings by the artist Sánchez-Santiago from the "Metallic Impact" series at the International METZ - MODERN ART FAIR International Art Catalog - Metz - France.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO The artist Sánchez-Santiago creates and designs the “OPTICONTROL ARTISTIC PROJET” where he makes a unique and exclusive design of furniture, lighting, artistic objects and works of art, such as furniture in the form of metal dunes, tables and mirrors in the form of illuminated wings, pieces original artistic works and the creation of works of art tailored for the occasion such as the "flying eye", the "blue eyes" or the Pop Art style totem sculpture entitled "Hans"- Spain.

CASTLE OF PERELADA MUSEUM The artistic advisor and director of the Perelada castle museum, Jaime Barrachina organizes a round table for the Sanchez-Santiago artist together with important intellectuals from the world of art and culture - The cultural promoter, president of the cultural association of the castle of Perelada and organizer of the international music festival of Perelada, Carmen Mateu acquires the artist's work for the collection of the castle of Perelada - Spain.

CIUDADELA GALLERY “Contacto Azul”- Montevideo - Uruguay.


ART25 GALLERY “Collage Series”- Girona - Spain.

SKYLINE PRIVATE GALLERY "Blau des Blues" is the title of the exhibition held by the artist Sanchez-Santiago, where he exclusively presents his work to private collectors from Russia, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland - Stans - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO SCULPTURES POP ART The artist Sanchez-Santiago creates a limited series of large-scale metal sculptures-totems in the Pop Art style.

MARTIN KLETZEL Buenos Aires - Argentina.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF BUENOS AIRES Exhibits the work "Mundo Metalico" in the great Metropolitan Museum of Buenos Aires - Artist's work in the museum's collection - Argentina.

ECO-SENSORIAL SCULPTURE PROJECT Entitled "La Porta al Mont" created by the architect Orlando de Urrutia and the artist Sanchez-Santiago - International presentation of the project.

SAOBA GALLERY Exhibition organized by the Art 25 gallery where he presents the work of the artist Sanchez-Santiago entitled "Blue Collage" at the Saoba Gallery from Madrid - Spain.

MANZIONE GALLERY Great exhibition in the Manzione Gallery, in Punta del Este, where he presents the paintings "Feelings"- Punta del Este - Uruguay.

LA CIUDADELA GALLERIES La Ciudadela Gallery organizes two parallel exhibitions of the artist Sanchez-Santiago entitled "Blue Contact" in the art galleries of MONTEVIDEO and in the art gallery of PUNTA del ESTE - Uruguay.

ART 25 GALLERY Exhibition at the Art 25 gallery, where he exhibits a series of material works and collage entitled "Materias" - Girona - Spain.

CASTLE OF PERELADA MUSEUM Important exhibition of paintings from the "Light" series and large sculptures from the "Totems" series at the Castle of Perelada Museum. The exhibition was attended by well-known international personalities from the world of art, culture, film, politics and the cultural promoter Carmen Mateu, president of the Cultural Association of the Castle of Perelada, organizer of the International Festival of Music of Perelada - Spain.

JORGE ALCOLEA GALLERY He exhibits the series "Azules" (Drawing and painting) at the Jorge Alcolea Gallery in Madrid - Spain.

ART25 GALLERY “Collage Series”- Girona - Spain.

NEW STUDIO-GALLERY Great success of the artist Sanchez-Santiago in the inauguration of a new Studio-Gallery in the capital of Dali, which has great natural lighting and incredible views of the city. All this also has an intimate space where you can observe the artist's work in all its glory.

A-B GALLERY "AB Rotativa BA" - Catalog Edition - Granollers - (Barcelona) - Spain.

NIEBLA FOUNDATION Painting and sculpture exhibition titled "Structures" at the Niebla Foundation - Spain.

LES ROSELLES GALLERY He exhibits his collection "Terra de l´Emporda" with the most representative works related to bio-diversity and that give a message of awareness with the environment, in the Les Roselles Gallery in Roses - Spain.

ZIBBA GALLERY He exhibits his paintings in the Zibba Gallery in Sao Paulo, in the exhibition “Creators of the two emispheres” - Sao Paulo - Brazil.

MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY He presents his collection entitled "Between Heaven and Earth" a work marked by spirituality. The works are represented by large lines and blue impacts, which express the union of the spirit with the universe - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

ESPELT SALA d’ART He presents the work "Cap Africa" Series, on the occasion of the charity exhibition, to help the children of Africa - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO Invited by the well-known art critic Josep Valles, he presents his latest work, entitled "Structures and Collage" at the College of Architects of Figueres - Spain.

ART25 GALLERY Presents the "News Collages" collection at Art 25 Gallery. The large-format and large-volume works express the light of the Mediterranean and its great natural diversity - Girona - Spain.

CASTLE OF PERELADA MUSEUM The artistic advisor and director of the Perelada Castle Museum, Mr. Jaime Barrachina organizes the artist Sanchez-Santiago a presentation of his work "Caps Atramuntanats" made with charcoal, textures and pigments brought from the five continents - Perelada - Spain.

URCA MUSEUM Exhibition "Impacto Azul" where the artist expresses the importance of staying connected with nature and our essence - Sao Paulo - Brazil.

POET JAVIER de la ROSA MUSEUM The artist Sanchez-Santiago is named patron of culture for his contribution to the dissemination of the plastic arts, by “The Poet Javier de la Rosa Museum” - Villa de Agaete - Las Pamas - Gran Canarias - Canary Islands - Spain.

ECO SENSORIAL SCULTURE Project presentation of “The Four Elements” in steel and Leds, designed by the architect Orlando de Urrutia and the artist Sanchez-Santiago.

THOMAS MONAHAN GALLERY Great success in the exhibition at the Tomas Monahan, where the artist Sanchez-Santiago presents his latest collection of material paintings, where blue colors and temples predominate, resulting in visually striking works, but also harmonious and balanced. This collection is the result of the work of the last two years - Chicago - USA.

NIEBLA FOUNDATION Exhibits paintings and sculptures from the "Sentiments Collection” at the Niebla Foundation - Spain.

LES ROSELLES GALLERY Les Roselles de Roses art gallery organizes the 25th anniversary exhibition on the occasion of his twenty-five years of international artistic career, in which he presents the most representative works of his career. The exhibition was attended by important personalities from the world of culture, politics and internationally famous people - catalog edition - Roses - Spain.

CIUTADELLA MUSEUM The artist is invited to the "Artistes de Roses" exhibition at the Ciutadella Museum where he presents the works "Mar Metalico" - Roses - Spain.

ESPELT ESPAI d’ART He exhibits the work “Metallic Horizon” with the motif "El Castell de Quermançó" in which the artist Salvador Dali was inspired to create a project of wind sounds - Catalog Edition - Spain.

MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY The gallery owner Martin Kletzel organizes the exhibition entitled "Contact Collection" in which he presents works from his well-known collection of blue paintings - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

ART ST.AMBROISE GALLERY “Blue Metallic” - Montreal - Canada.

SCULPTURE-TROPHY He designs and makes the bronze sculpture-trophy of the "I Nit de l'Esport" and which he personally presents with the most important personalities of the city, many of them of international fame - Roses - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · BLUE CATALOG Presentation of the new art catalog "BLUE", published in four languages and with the latest works of art by the artist Sánchez-Santiago. The art catalog was presented internationally and ratified by the UNESCO cultural advisor, Max Peña A. (Paris), by the Doctor in Architecture and sustainability advisor of the European Community Orlando de Urrutia, by the art critic Joseph Valles Rovira (Barcelona) and by the international stylist and artist Lluis Llongueras (Barcelona).

GRAPHIC DESIGN He made the graphic design of the books "La Bruixeria a Catalunya en el segle xx" by the writer and art historian, Jaume Llorens and the book "Leyendas de la Pomarrosa" by the writer, Clinical Psychologist and University Professor Miguel A. De La Flor Otero, where references and works by the artist appear on the front and back covers - Lima - Peru.

HAKONE MUSEUM Organized by the president of the international association of artists and cultural advisor Mr. Palmarola, presents the sculpture in Japan “Top-Ten”- Ninotaira - Japan.

BRESIL GALLERY Presents his work in Brazil “Contact Collection” - São Paulo - Brazil.

Exhibits at The International CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR EXPOTRASTIENDAS where he presents his latest work entitled "Contact" - Catalog Edition - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

LES ROSELLES ART GALLERY He presents in the Les Roselles Art Gallery an exhibition of great material works, where his particular positive vision of life is appreciated through his work entitled “Positive Collection”- Roses - Spain.

AVENUE GALLERY He presents his work entitled "Positive Colors" at the Avenue Gallery in Miami, which is a new version of his latest work presented in Europe, where he expresses his positive vision of life through his work, especially color - Miami - United States.

E. ARIAS GALLERY Exhibition with his latest work titled “Buenos Aires”- Barcelona - Spain.

TORONTO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR - TIAF ART Great international interest of the public, gallery owners, collectors and critics in general, for the last work of the artist Sanchez-Santiago entitled "Metallic" works made with large pictorial textures and metal, with which he expresses his concern for our natural environment, always from a positive vision. International Catalog Edition - Toronto - Canada.

ART ST.AMBROISE GALLERY “Blues Metal”- Montreal - Canada.

MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY Exhibits in the Martin Kletzel gallery in Buenos Aires the work "Metalico" made with metal and natural pigments, as an awareness of the need to reconnect with our origins and respect for nature - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

SUF CULTURE Poetic performance to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GTR titled "Tardoral Poetica" organized by the cultural advisor Manel Pedreira to honor and remember all those who had put their art at the service of the culture of Roses - Spain.

THOMAS MONAHAN GALLERY Exhibition and presentation at the Thomas Monahan Gallery in Chicago of the new work of the artist San. The new collection is made up of large-format works and textures, made with ecological and sustainable materials that represent elements of nature, always from an ecological vision and projected from a Zen point of view - Chicago - USA.

AMERICAN ART TOUR (2005-2006) The artist Sanchez-Santiago, begins an international tour of America which he calls "America Art Tour" The tour begins in Canada, passing through the United States, Uruguay, Brazil or Argentina, where he exhibits in important art galleries and international contemporary art fairs.

TORONTO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR The artist Sanchez-Santiago exhibits at the Toronto International Art Fair where he presents his latest work entitled “Connected to Sky” where he presents a great evolution in his works, which are inspired by his personal experiences, a new world and spirituality - International Catalog Edition - Toronto - Canada.

PM GALLERY The Argentine ambassador in Canada presents, together with important personalities from the art world, gallery owners, art critics and artists at the PM Gallery in Toronto, art paintings of the artist Sanchez-Santiago - Canada.

ESPAI D’ART ACEAS Exhibition of paintings from the "Impact" series. Works created with collage, and blues. These works were presented in Barcelona and also in galleries and museums in Brazil.

He exhibits at the EXPOTRASTIENDAS INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR where he presents his latest work entitled “Entre el cielo y la tierra” - Paintings in which he expresses his most spiritual feelings and experiences, where white (purity) and blue (sky) colors predominate. International Art Catalog Edition - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

The Gallery MARTIN KLETZEL CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY exhibits the paintings of the artist Sanchez-Santiago from the series "Contact to heaven" with great repercussion among collectors and the argentine aristocracy - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

The GALLERY-MUSEUM of THE CASTLE COLL of ROSES presents a large retrospective of the artist Sánchez-Santiago entitled "Sentimientos" - Exhibition made with works by private European collectors - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · ARTISTIC ADVISOR He collaborates for several years as artistic advisor and curator of various art galleries and advisor in international contemporary architecture and decoration studies.

BOOK GRAFIC DESIGN Of the book "Leyendas de la Pomarrosa" by the writer, professor and psychologist, Miguel A. De La Flor Otero - Lima - Peru.

LES ROSELLES ART GALLERY Exhibition of his latest paintings and sculptures from the series "Sand waves, sea dunes" at the Les Roselles Gallery in Roses. The entire collection of works of art by the artist was acquired by an important swiss collector - Roses - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO He exhibits his works alongside great 20th Century artists such as Antoni Clavé, Modest Cuixart, N. Costa, Massot, Joan Miró and Picasso at the LES ROSELLES ART GALLERY in Roses - Spain.

BREA ART The Swiss Gallery Christian Zeller presents the artist Sánchez-Santiago at the BREA ART FAIR in Havana - Cuba.

Exhibition at the CHRISTIAN ZELLER FINE ART GALLERY in Bern, Switzerland, where he presents his latest work "Characters" - Bern - Switzerland.

LA RUTA DE LA SAL This artistic project and participation in the regatta 'La Ruta de la Sal' from Barcelona to Ibiza with the Catamaran Sánchez-Santiago, is the artist's work with which he manages to unite his two passions, art and sailing. In this competition he managed to finish first in his category and second overall, achieving a new record between Barcelona and Ibiza.

SPECIAL EDITION OF A CATALOG That combines art and sailing, represented by the Sanchez-Santiago catamaran and the work of art entitled IBIZA. The catalog was presented in the Olympic port of Barcelona and Ibiza - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · TROPHIES Design and creation of a limited edition of works of art, entitled "Regatta" inspired by nautical motifs, as trophies for the winners of the sail regatta "La Ruta de la Sal" presented in the presence of more than three thousand people from all over the world. world - Ibiza - Spain.

BRUNA ESPAI d’ART Great success in the exhibition held at the Bruna Espai d'art gallery in Barcelona, with a large attendance of the public and personalities from the world of art, politics and famous artists from the world of TV and entertainment - Barcelona - Spain.

AMBIT CULTURAL and EBE EDITOR Present in the “Portal del Ángel” of El Corte Inglés in Barcelona the book “AIR” Artist's Manual, author Sánchez-Santiago, where he expresses his feelings as an artist. Feelings that can be applied to other facets of life. At the presentation were important personalities from the world of art, culture and the International press - Barcelona - Spain.

Exhibition in the AMBIT CULTURAL GALLERY, where the "Sands Series" was presented by important personalities of art and culture and with great public success and the assistance of important international media - Catalog edition - Portal del Angel - Barcelona - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · TRAVELS He travels to el yaque on margarita island where he creates a study of drawings and watercolors, inspired by the natural environment, its culture and the warm Caribbean landscape, resulting in a great series of works entitled "Isla Margarita" The works appear in the book "AIR" artist manual, edited and distributed internationally by EBE Editor - El Yaque - Venezuela.

BRUNA ESPAI d’ART The artist Sánchez-Santiago presents in Bruna Espai d'Art at Consejo de Ciento in Barcelona, a macro exhibition of large-format painting where he exhibits as the main piece of the collection the work of great visual impact entitled "Arizona". Work highly recognized by important art critics, art dealers or international gallery owners, in addition to the press and the general public. More than three hundred people attended the exhibition. Catalog Edition - Barcelona - Spain.

CASTLE-MUSEUN COLL OF ROSES “Ibiza Paintings Collection” It is the title of the exhibition held at the Coll de Roses Museum-Cartillo, where he presents a work of purist and minimalist lines of structural and architectural concept that seeks visual and emotional balance.- Roses - Spain.

ROMOT “ART SUMMER FESTIVAL” The Christian Zeller Gallery presents the artist Sanchez-Santiago at the "Art Summer Festival" in Romot, Bern and at the CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY in Zurich - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO PRIVATE EXHIBITIONS Exhibits works of different series and large format in the German city of Hamburg for important private collectors - Hamburg - Germany.

The art galleries CHRISTIAN ZELLER GALLERY FINE ART in Bern and MICYA GALLERY in Pianezzo, the two galleries in Switzerland, exhibit the collection of paintings by the artist SAN entitled "White Sand". These works of art were created by the artist after the experience obtained by making various travels through the deserts of the world - Bern and Pianezzo - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO He travels through the European and American continent to study nature, the environment, his connection with man and the different languages with which he expresses himself. This study will be reflected in his works, with the idea of making the viewer aware of the need to take care of the natural environment that surrounds us, to get closer to it, to have a more human and spiritual vision of the world, always from a vision positive.

AVENUE GALLERY Exhibits a large collection of works made with textures and large pieces of collage at the Avenue Gallery - Miami - USA.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO He travels through different countries where he studies new creations in video art, photography, sculpture and installations.

Contemporary Art Gallery Zurich - Switzerland.

CHRISTIAN ZELLER FINE ART GALLERY He presents in the gallery Christian Zeller his latest work in which he transmits through his paintings, the essence of natural forms and the union of nature with human existence - Bern - Switzerland.

CASTLE-MUSEUN COLL OF ROSES It exhibits a selection of works created from a futuristic vision of our natural environment and the importance of being connected with nature - Roses - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO ART CATALOG Presentation of the new catalog of “White” art, published in four languages and where the latest works of art by the artist Sánchez-Santiago are presented. The catalog was presented at the Christian Zeller Fine Art gallery in Bern, Switzerland and ratified by the Consul General of Spain in Switzerland and by the international art critic Jaume Fábrega. Limited edition of "White" relief lithograph.

MICYA GALLERY Presents in the gallery Micya Gallery the collection of paintings entitled "White Paintings" this work transmits the purities of natural forms through the purity and simplicity of the color white and its textures as a universal language. The exhibition is presented with the artist's catalog titled "White" - Pianezzo - Swidzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · REFERENCES Its international references appear in catalogs, books, websites, biographies, libraries or dictionaries of Canada, USA, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany or Switzerland among many others.

ROMOT · SUMMER ART FESTIVAL The gallery owner Christian Zeller presents the artist Sánchez-Santiago at the Summer Art Festival and organizes an exhibition for him at the CHRISTIAN ZELLER GALLERY OF FINE ARTS entitled “Expresions”- Bern - Switzerland.

ESPAI MIQUEL GASPAR The gallery owner Miguel Gaspar exhibits the last work of the artist entitled "JARRO" - Barcelona - Spain.

Contemporary Art Gallery Zurich - Switzerland.

The artist Sánchez-Santiago presents a large exhibition of large-format paintings and sculptures at THE MUSEUM-CASTLE COLL OF ROSES organized by the Roses City Council and presented by the international art critic Jaume Fabrega, among other personalities. At the vernissage, hundreds of people attended where the artist received high praise from art critics, established artists, art dealers, gallery owners and international personalities from the world of politics and culture in general. The success was such that the artist was signing catalogs for more than three hours straight. Spain.

Exhibition and presentation Of the collection of large-format metal sculptures titled "Totems" and presentation of the art catalog edited by Ebe Editors.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · STUDIO-GALLERY He creates a new Studio-Gallery in Ennetbürgen (central Switzerland) where he will work intensively on his new collections. She will combine the work stations with her studio located in Pianezzo (southern Switzerland) very close to Lugano and the border with Italy. From these places, great collections will emerge that he will present in Europe and America.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · DESIGN He created a design for a freestyle windsurf board from the brand CUATRO, which he called "Cuatro Colors"- France.

“BLUE TOTEMS” SCULTURES The artist Sánchez-Santiago designs and installs two large sculptures titled "Blue Totems" in Stansstad Switzerland, in front of the lake of the four cantons. The sculptures follow the stylized lines of his latest sculptural works-There was great success and expectation in the presentation of the sculptures, which was attended by important personalities of the Helvetian country, such as intellectuals, politicians, architects, gallery owners, art crítics and press in general - Stansstad - Switzerland.

Exhibition of paintings at the STERNEN GALLERY, where he presents his latest work entitled "Blue world" in Ennetbürgen - Switzerland.

STANSSTAD CULTURE HOUSE He presents his work "Blue World" in an exhibition held at the Stansstad gallery - Switzerland.

Exhibition at the ESPAI MIQUEL GASPAR in Barcelona where he presents his latest work "Mediterranea" - Barcelona - Spain.

LIMITED EDITION Limited edition of Sánchez-Santiago postage stamps, “Swiss 2000” where the artist's image appears - Edited by Swiss Post - Switzerland.

Exhibition of art and artistic design for a Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon by the artist Sánchez-Santiago, officially presented at the MUSEUM-CASTLE COLL of ROSES - Catalog Edition - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · ARCHITECTURE He designs his houses in Spain and Switzerland. He also develops artistic projects of architecture and interior design with the artist's brand in different countries of Europe.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · CANARY ISLANDS Take a trip to the Canary Islands where he paints abstract landscapes and creates more than 300 drawings and sketches. During his time in Lanzarote, he knows the work of Cesar Manrrique and his legacy. Impressed by its volcanic landscapes, its light and chromatic crusts, he creates a series of works of large volumes and materials.

SALA GASPAR The gallery owner Miguel Gaspar exhibits the work of the artist Sanchez-Santiago in the Sala Gaspar in Barcelona - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO Presents at the MICYA ART GALLERY in Pianezzo and at COUNTRY CLUB-ORIGLIO GALLERY from Lugano in Switzerland, the collection of paintings "Secred Paintings" - Catalog Edition - Pianezzo and Lugano - Switzerland.

The dealer and gallery owner Ismael Planells presents the artist Sánchez-Santiago at the EMPORI ART GALLERY where he presents the works "Caps Atramuntanats" made with textures and natural colors pigments - Empuriabrava - Spain.

After his presentation in Spain of his paintings "Caps Atramuntanats" made with natural color pigments brought from different parts of the world where faces of great impact appear, this work is also presented at the Swiss CHRISTIAN ZELLER FINE ART GALLERY - Bern - Switzerland.

MUSEUM-CASTLE COLL of ROSES Exclusively presents a new collection of totems, with stylized lines on the facade of the Castle Coll of Roses, entitled “Totems Collection” - Spain.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO IN FLORIDA From Europe, he flies to Miami in the United States from where he begins a trip to Florida to carry out an artistic study on its nature, landscape, life and environment, where he makes hundreds of notes and sketches. These experiences will result in works full of light, color and contrasts, entitled "Landscapes of the South" - Florida - USA.

The art gallery COUNTRY CLUB-ORIGLIO GALLERY presents the last work of the artist Sanchez-Santiago titled "New Visions". The exhibition was presented by the great art critic Dalmacio Ambrosini and with the presence of personalities from the world of art and culture, politics and television - Lugano - Switzerland.

CHRISTIAN ZELLER FINE ART GALLERY Exhibition at the Christian Zeller Gallery in Bern, by the artist Sanchez-Santiago where he presents the work of experimentation with expressionist style faces representing different expressions and characters, made with colored pigments brought from the five continents - Bern - Switzerland.


AVENUE GALLERY "Florida Collection" is the title of the exhibition presented by the artist in Miami. A more colorful work than usual due to the influence of the Caribbean landscape of South Florida - Miami - USA.

MICYA GALLERY He exhibits all his creative research and artistic expression works. “New Vision” - Pianezzo - Swidzerland.

EMPORI ART GALLERY The art dealer Ismael Planell, organizes a new exhibition of the artist Sanchez-Santiago in the Empori gallery, entitled "Pigments" where the artist presents works created with natural color pigments brought from the five continents. Exhibition of great success of European public, it was recognized by gallery owners, art critics and the international press - Empuriabrava - Spain.

Exhibition at the SALA GASPAR in Barcelona where presents the collection “Vessels”- Barcelona - Spain.

STERN GALLERY The art dealer, gallery owner and cultural consultant Mr. Koller organizes an important exhibition of paintings for you entitled “Civilization” at the Stern Gallery in Kriens-Luzern - Catalog Edition - Switzerland.

INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF CONTEMPORARY ART - ARTEXPO (International Catalog Edition) - The Swiss Fine Arts Gallery Christian Zeller presents the artist Sánchez-Santiago at the International Fair of Contemporary Art - ARTEXPO in Barcelona, where he exhibits his latest work "Caligrafias de Hierro" The work received great praise from the press and critics, such as by the historian and international art critic Jaume Fabrega. The exhibition was visited by a multitude of public, gallery owners and international collectors and personalities from the world of art and politics such as the president of galleries of Catalonia Mr. Antoni Botell or the mayor of Barcelona and former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia Mr. Pascual Maragall - Barcelona - Spain.

CASTELLANIA ART CENTER (Catalog Edition) - Exhibits and presents with great success the work "Anforas" at the Castellania Art Center in Rhodes. In the presence of international personalities - Rhodes - Greece.

SALA d’ART MATISSE Presents in the Matisse Gallery in Barcelona one of the most significant material works, entitled "Calizas" - Barcelona - Spain.

EMPORY ART GALLERY The dealer Ismael Planells organizes an important exhibition of the artist Sánchez-Santiago at the Empory Gallery, where he presents the Mediterranean Series - The exhibition was attended by important international collectors and illustrious personalities - Empuriabrava - Spain.

CAIXA DE GIRONA GALLERY He is invited to exhibit at the Caixa de Girona gallery, where he exhibits the work "Texturas" - Roses - Spain.

UNICEF PROJECT The artwork "Cañas" by the artist Sanchez-Santiago is distributed internationally through letters and cards by Unicef - Geneva - Switzerland.

GOETZ GALLERY He exhibits in an area of more than three hundred square meters, a series of material paintings entitled "Cañas" in the Goetz gallery. The works were created between Spain and Switzerland. At the vernissage an international public filled the gallery and the artist spent more than two hours in a row to sign autographs - Catalog Edition - Basel - Switzerland.

CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY The gallery owner Christian Zeller of Bern, presents the artist Sanchez-Santiago to the Contemporary Art Gallery of Zurich - Switzerland.

SALA d’ART MATISSE Presents in the Matisse Gallery in Barcelona the work "Caliza" from the collection made as a study by the artist on the different expressions of nature - Barcelona - Spain.

CHRISTIAN ZELLER FINE ARTS GALLERY He exhibits at the Christian Zeller Fine Arts gallery, along with works by Jean Tingaly or Niki de Saint Phalle among other international artists - Bern - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · TRAVEL He traveled to the cities of Paris, London, Milan and Amsterdam for six months where he began new avant-garde lines of work.

THE ROLEX AWARDS Participate in the Rolex awards with a Bio-Artistic project for environmental sustainability through art - Geneva - Switzerland.

CAIXA de GIRONA GALLERY “Exhibits the collection "Paintings" - Roses - Spain.

The GOETZ GALLERY in Basel, Switzerland presents the art exhibition entitled "Arizona" by Artist Sánchez-Santiago where it exhibits thirty paintings of large volumes and dimensions, such as the work entitled "Arizona" of 200x300m. or the “Dunes” work of 200x300m. The exhibition was presented with a full crowd of international audiences, among which were important art critics, gallery owners, presidents of cultural institutions, antique dealers and museums, personalities from the world of fashion, politics and the specialized press. This is the largest and most spectacular art exhibition by the artist to date - Basel - Switzerland.

STERN GALLERY The Stern Gallery in Kriens-Luzern organizes an exhibition of the artist Sanchez-Santiago, entitled “Blue Matter” presented by the gallery owner and art critic Robert Koler and his wife, the artist Olga Koler - Luzern - Swidzerland.

COVER ART Private art exhibition where he presents the collection "Expansion" and "Cabeza Pensante" exclusively for the group of creatives, the world of art and marketing of Barcelona - Spain.

SPAIN CONSULATE The consul general of Spain in Bern, Mr. Jaume Abrisqueta, invites the artist Sanchez-Santiago to the General Consulate where he dedicates some incredible words of support and admiration. The art criticism that he makes appears in the artist's white catalog, published in 2002 - Bern - Switzerland.

EMPORDA MUSEUM He exhibits his work in the "Set artistes" exhibition at the Empordà Museum in Figueres - Catalog Edition - Artist's work in the museum's collection - Spain.

CHRISTIAN ZELLER FINE ART GALLERY Presentation of the works of the artist Sánchez-Santiago at the Christian Zeller Gallery of Fine Arts in Bern, entitled “Deser Storm” organized with the sponsorship of the Spanish embassy in Bern and presented by Ambassador Federico Garayalde and the presence of the Japanese ambassadors , Germany, Poland and Austria, as well as personalities from culture, the press, politics and famous international personalities - Bern - Swidzerland.

CAIXA de GIRONA GALLERY “Exhibits the collection "Paintings" - Roses - Spain.

STERNEN GALLERY Sanchez-Santiago, presents his latest work titled “Manhattan” at the Sternen Gallery in Ennetbürgen - Switzerland.

J. WALKER GALLERY Exhibition organized by the Swiss gallerist mister, Kohler - Klagenfurt - Austria.

He presents his large-format and large-volume works entitled “Luz y Arena” at the A-B GALLERY in Granollers in the exhibition "Gen Nova"- Catalog Edition - Barcelona - Spain.

STERN GALLERY Exhibition titled “Land of Fire”- Kriens-Luzern - Switzerland.

EMPORDA MUSEUM He exhibits at the Emporda Museum, where he presents large three-dimensional paintings, among which is the work "Cañas" or the triptych-mural "Incrustaciones de arena" Receiving great praise from the public, personalities from the art world, Marchans d ' Art, gallery owners or art critics. The great art critic Narcis Pijuan, presented a great criticism of the artist and his work in the museum's catalog - Figueres - Spain.

EUROPE-AUCTIONS Exhibition and auction of the work "Arena" at the international auction house Europe.

NEW ART CATALOGS Presentation in Barcelona (Spain) and Luzern (Switzerland) of the new art catalogs of the artist Sánchez-Santiago that he presents in Spanish and German. In the catalog appear images of the collection "Sea, Wind and Sand" accompanied by poetry written by the artist. Spain-Switzerland.

ARTEFIERA - INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FEAR (International Catalog Edition) - The Stern Gallery in Luzern, Switzerland, presents the artist Sánchez-Santiago at the Artefiera International Contemporary Art Show in Bologna. His work creates a great impact on the media and on important international art galleries - Bologna - ITALY.

STERN GALLERY Exhibition at the Stern Gallery Kriens-Luzern, where he presents his latest work "Visionen der Erde" The works created with paint and fire, created a great impact on the public and the national press of the country - Kriens-Luzern - Swidzerland.

STUDIO 97 GALLERY Exhibition organized by the director of the Stern Galerie in Lucerne, mister, Kohler (Switzerland). Collection “New Energy” - Bologna - ITALY.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · STUDIO-GALLERY Presents the large-format works and large reliefs entitled "Angels" at the Swiss STUDIO GALLERY in Pianezzo - Swidzerland.

He exhibits a large collection of drawings and sketches from his new series "Angels" at the CASTELLGRANDE GALLERIA d'ARTE - Bellinzona - Swidzerland.

DEL MESE FISCHER GALLERY Great exhibition where he presents the collection of large-format blue paintings entitled "Blue Energy" with material works of two by two and two by three meters, also presents his first installation, made with metal structures from which elements of metal, stone, textile and painting, entitled "Blue Nature", with which it represents the resurgence of life - Catalog Edition - Meisterschwanden - Switzerland.

Presentation and exhibition of the collection of “Land of Fire” paintings at the STERNEN GALLERY - Ennetbürgen - Switzerland.

THE ST.JACQUES TROPHY Design project and participation in the St. Jacques Trophy - Catalog Edition - Luzern - Switzerland.

DELFIN-FISCHER EXPO Creation and exhibition of a large expressionist mural entitled "Dolphins” made in defense of the freedom and protection of dolphins - Meisterschwanden - Switzerland.

MICYA GALLERY Presentation of the Works of " Paintings and Sculptures " in Micya Gallery - Pianezzo - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · WORKS He often travels around Europe visiting contemporary art museums, visiting important art galleries and connecting with great artists and works very intensively creating new collections between Spain and Switzerland.

STERNEN GALLERY Presents the exhibition entitled "Natural Landscape" at the Sternen Gallery. His paintings express all the force of nature - Ennetbürgen - Switzerland.

GALLERY CARMEN OCHSENBEIN The gallery owner Carmen Ochsenbein organizes the exhibition of paintings entitled "White Paintings" where the color white predominates in her works as a symbol of strength and purity in nature - Zurich - Switzerland.

THE ST.JACQUES TROPHY Design project and participation in the St. Jacques Trophy - Catalog Edition - Luzern - Switzerland.

SALA d’ART RABELL He exhibits in the Sala d'Art Rabell his charcoal studio work on the theme "light and shadows" made in the natural parks of Cap de Creus and l'Albera - Roses - Spain.

CASTEL GRANDE GALLERA d´ARTE The exhibition "Blue and white" is the result of the work carried out in the Swiss mountains where the white of the snow and the blue of the sky meet - Bellinzona - Switzerland.

STERN GALLERY With the presence of important personalities of the Swiss culture and national press, the artist San presents the exhibition "Blue Earth" in the Stern Gallery in Luzern, representing the beauty of nature - Luzern - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · ARTIST In his artistic career he met great international artists such as Tapies at the Lelong gallery in Zurich, Modest Cuixart with whom he would maintain a great friendship, Max Bill, Antoni Clave, Jean Tinguely, Niki de Saint Phalle, Arranz Bravo, Hans Herni, Simone Herni, Manel Bea, LLuis LLongueras, Guinovard, Josep Niebla, Fritz Hug, Sarasate, Olga Kholer, Giancarlo Tamagni and Josep Mª Subirachs among other artists.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO He meets the Swiss-Italian artist Giancarlo Tamagni with whom he will learn new sculptural and mosaic techniques, he will also collaborate with him on some projects - Ticino - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · SWITZERLAND He settles in Switzerland (Luzern) where he works with new techniques, materials and pigments and creates different lines of work at the same time. He lives a very prolific and creative time and knows important gallery owners, art critics, art historians and famous personalities. He participates in many group exhibitions and personal exhibitions. He creates great works and projects for famous international personalities and important art collectors.

ROTCHUE GALLERY He presents his study works, drawings and projects, entitled “Landscape”- Weggis - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO Presents his work "Farben der Erde" at the STERNEN GALLERY - Ennetbürgen - Switzerland.

Presents his work "Colors" at the CARMEN OCHSENBEIN GALLERY in Zurich - Switzerland.

MICYA GALLERY Influenced by the landscape of southern Switzerland creates the collection entitled “Nature”, where it unites natural pigments with organic elements, with which it creates a natural and magical world of great impact. The exhibition was attended by artists, museum directors, art dealers, and collectors from Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Pianezzo - Switzerland.

CARMEN OCHSENBEIN GALLERY The dealer and gallery owner Carmen Ochsenbein, organizes an exhibition to the artist Sanchez-Santiago on his latest work entitled "New Vision" works that are part of the paintings also exhibited in Canada - Zurich - Switzerland.

SKYLINE GALLERY Creates the exhibition titled "Saskatchewan" in recognition of the origins of Indian culture in the region - Regina - Saskatchewan - Canada.

The MICYA GALLERY organizes a great exhibition entitled "New Vision" where he presents a journey through the most important series of his career - Pianezzo - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · NEW VISION His vision of the world and the need to be able to express those feelings in a different way, prompts him to investigate constantly and intensely with new materials and compositions, with new and innovative techniques developed by the artist, creating new artistic and visual trends, many of these continue currently in force.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · PROYECTS He carries out important sculptural and mural projects in various public and private buildings in Lugano, Locarno, Zurich, Stans or Luzern - Switzerland.

GALLERY C Presents the new work of the artist Sanchez-Santiago entitled "Yelow" - Zurich - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · TRAVELS He travels through Europe, with prolonged stays in countries, such as Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland or England where he has the opportunity to meet great intellectuals, artists, poets, writers, sculptors, musicians, architects, historians, designers or international philosophers, with those with whom you will maintain a great friendship and with whom you can learn to have a global vision and knowledge of the world.

SKYLINE GALLERY He exhibits his work entitled "New World" with which he wants to express through his paintings the importance of discovering our origins in order to evolve towards a new world - Regina - Saskatchewan - Canada.

He presents his new art collection entitled “Colors of Nature” at the Swiss galleries, KRONE GALLERY in Andermatt and at the MICYA GALLERY in Pianezzo - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · ZEN He travels to Asia where he studies Zen philosophy.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO He participated in numerous group and personal exhibitions and experiments with new techniques, textures and new ecological materials. The gallerist Carmen Ochsenbein from Zurich organizes important exhibitions in Switzerland and the art dealer Roland Lehmann organizes the exhibitions in Canada.

The GALLERY C in Zurich presents the artist Sanchez-Santiago at the ART BASEL INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR - Basel - Switzerland.

SKYLINE GALLERY He presents his work "Origin" inspired by the Indian origins and cultures of Canada - Regina - Saskatchewan - Canada.

KRONE GALLERY After the success of the work exhibited at the Helvetia Gallery entitled "White Landscape" he decided to exhibit his new collection of paintings entitled "White Nature" at the Krone Gallery, these new works are a continuation of the previous collection. His presentation was attended by a large number of international audiences, presidents and personalities from the world of art and the spectacle-Andermatt-Switzerland. New Art Collection - “White Nature”- Andermatt - Switzerland.

GALLERY C He exhibits the new art series "Mother Earth" with which he wants to convey the message of the need to understand and protect mother earth - Zurich - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · INSPIRATION The artist spends some winters in the Alpine village of Andermatt in the canton Uri, where he can integrate himself into a pure environment and with which he becomes part of nature and where he creates great works inspired by the wild purity of his environament - Andermatt - Switzerland.

HELVETIA GALLERY He exhibits at the Helvetia Gallery the new work “White Landscape”. Works created in his studio in Andermat, and inspired by the purity of forms and the striking snow-white landscapes that surround him - Andermatt - Switzerland.

SKYLINE GALLERY Presents a great exhibition on a new vision of our awareness of the union and the world around us, entitled "The New World" - Regina - Saskatchewan - Canada.

GALLERY C Exhibits his new art collection entitled "Blue Landscape" - Zurich - Switzerland.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO He creates his first art collections, where he uses different techniques with which he expresses light through nature, which he presents in Switzerland and Canada.

LANDMARK GALLERY He presents his first solo exhibition entitled "New World" where he presents paintings that express an intimate feeling towards nature and the need to make a positive change and project a new universal vision - Regina - Saskatchewan - Canada.

SANCHEZ-SANTIAGO · STUDIES After his studies of art, design, and interior architecture, he began a long journey through Europe visiting the most prestigious art museums, where he began his first research on contemporary painting, its techniques, languages and its great masters - Europe.