World References

International Reviews

"The artist creates a work capable of transforming us into an inner, subtle and magical world"
Alex Stanley Art Critic - Chicago - USA

"Sanchez-Santiago is a testimony of nature that has been revealed through his hands, and that invites us to meet again in respect of the eternal present, that present that contains all our past and our future"
Max Peña UNESCO Cultural Advisor - Paris - France

"The work of Sanchez-Santiago transmits strength and sensitivity to you at the same time, we discover incredible strength in the material work of his works and in the security of his strokes, on the contrary we find great subtlety and sensitivity in his broad brushstrokes and subtle colors that with all this manages to raise us to a harmonic, magical and elevated state of consciousness"
William Clark Art Critic - Toronto - Canada

"MANHATTAN” is the last work by Sanchez-Santiago where the spirit of matter is united, creating a new pictorial vision, full of color, lines and textures that result in an incredible work"
ZUG TAGBLATT 7 Magazine - Swidzerland

"The Material Painting of Sánchez-Santiago enters through your eyes and reaches your heart, and from that moment you can no longer stop admiring its energy, strength and subtlety"
Dalmacio Ambrosini Art Critic - Lugano - Switzerland

“The space-time, the silence with which it expresses itself beyond words, large surfaces of color, materials that perpetuate the message, simplicity and elegance. All this identifies the work of this great artista”
Akira Nakata Art Critic - Tokio - Japan

“I discovered the strength of his plastic language and I keep reaffirming myself in the opinion, that he is an artist who has worked impressively with his math Works”
Josep Maria Cadena Art Critic - EL PERIODICO - Newspaper - Spain

“Sánchez-Santiago is the alchemist of the 21st century, capable of capturing the past in the future, or the future in the past, in his work, through the strength of his textures and the sensitivity with which he applies color”
Michael Smith Art Critic - New York - USA

“Sanchez-Santiago's work is full of respect for nature, and that transports us to that place where our dreams of all our origins live”
Orlando de Urrutia Architect and Sustainability Advisor of the European Union

“His paintings make you see and feel the world from another perspective and always inspire you, peace, intimacy and balance. Virtues that enrich your soul”
Ben Duncan International Model Photographer - Edinburgh - United Kingdom

"The work of Sánchez-Santiago is in constant evolution, his work presents a remarkable compositional, expressive, forceful and poetic coherence"
Jaume Fabrega Historian and Art Critic. Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA)

“The works of Sanchez-Santiago; of wide backgrounds and strokes of Mediterranean colors, they manage to brilliantly capture the essence of your everyday landscape. Talent and inspiration are his tools to reach that meaningful result"
Martin Kletzel Art Critic and Gallerist - Buenos Aires - Argentina

“Your works transmit incredible positive energy. They are inexhaustible sources of energy that regenerate you and that you can feel visually and physically”
Enzo De Luca Art Critic - Roma - Italy

“His work captivated me from the first moment, by the elements, colors and motifs of his work, from that moment I kidnapped his artistic world that doesn't seem real. Sánchez- Santiago has the gift of raising the simple and apparently insignificant to chivalry through his works”
Klaus Rehder President of "Rencotres Europeennes d’Art et Artist" - Germany

“Always from an optimistic vision, Sanchez-Santiago, create works that speak for themselves, that invite you to think, but above all to feel. To feel an energy that transports you to an inner universe full of strength, balance and harmony”
Emily Johnson Art Historian - Sidney - Australia

"In Sanchez-Santiago's work we find the work of a 21st century alchemist, with an incredible mastery of matter, with which he manages to convey a direct, current and timeless message"
Jean Paul Blank Art Critic - Paris - France

“Sanchez-Santiagos's work is incredibly impressive, it fuses the force of matter that balances with the sensitivity of color, the safety in his strokes and brushstrokes result in magical landscapes full of life that transports you to another level”
Tom Williams Art Critic - London - United Kingdom

"His work is interior light, sensitivity, sensations, you do not just look, it is necessary to see, feel the internal sensations, heart the wisper of the work, to transmit all its energy and interior light"
Josep Vallès Rovira Art Critic - BonArt - Barcelona - Spain

“The sensitivity and the message that you create in your paintings is open to the world, because its essence is capable of reaching the hearts of all people”
Federico Garayalde Ambassador of Spain in Swidzerland

“His works projects us a direct and sincere message full of energy that transports us to other higher worlds”
Ayrton Pereira Art Critic and Art Historian - Sao Paulo - Brasil

"The work of the artist Sánchez-Santiago expresses purity, sincerity and spirit, feelings that he synthesizes and captures on the canvas with an exquisite balance"
Jaume Llorens Art Historian - Lima - Peru

"The artist breaks topics, transmits in his fabrics, the sensations, impressions and traces of nature and his experiences on the waves of the sea, as a navigator, they are two sides of the same coin, a very oriental duality and philosophy, it is the journey of their life"
Moises de Pablo THE DOMINICAL Magazine - Spain

“Sanchez-Santiago's works are full of great poetic meaning, with which he wants to sensitize and transport the observer to a world of inner light”
Carles Coll Art Historian - Bogota – Colombia

“I met Antonio in the summer of 1979, surfing in the bay of Canyelles Petites, Roses. I remember that he already made artistic paintings on candles and boards. Years later I saw a painting in the Port Roses office. I recognized the atmosphere of the sea, the sun and the surf. And I saw his signature and I was sure that he was my friend. Since that day I have followed his career. My husband and I are very happy to own some of his paintings in which we experience the energy, the wind, the earth and the rocks, and the love for the environment of Roses”
Mariska Zwaan-Schomper Artist, Teacher in arts - Sassenheim - The Nederlands

"Sanchez-Santiago shows us how with the brush you can make more poetry than with the pen and how the same color can have more variations than the range of life"
Jaume Abrizqueta Consul General in Swidzerland

"Sanchez-Santiago has created his own and differentiated language through nature"
Ruedi Lenthold ADAC Reisemagazine - Munich - Germany

"Sanchez-Santiago is a manipulator of materials who, as an alchemist, knows the secret of turning matter into art"
Siegfried Weider TOP Magazine - Germany

“Nature is the maximum source of inspiration for Sanchez-Santiago, especially the purity of the desert, the sea and the wind, which he expresses in an abstract way in his works. the artist is a consolidated value in art"
Silvio Antunez CLASS Magazine - Spain

“His works full of life and energy, make us feel a world of sensations, feelings and above all purity, through paintings that connect perfectly with nature”
Jon Wilson Art Critic and Curator - Miami - USA

“In an atmosphere between surrealism and existentialism, Sanchez-Santiago shows us a subtle, mysterious and silent investigation, but also with the radicality of a single-color painting, distributed with large brushstrokes. The research work of this artist is impressive"
Narcis Pijoan Art Critic - Spain

“He begins his works with materials on the canvas which are then set on fire and the resulting bubbles explode, resulting in spectacular fire paintings” (Works from the series "Visionen der Herde")
Josef Riftle Blik Magazine - Zurich - Swidzerland

“Creativity, energy and balance is what we find in the work of Sanchez-Santiago. His early works already spoke of ecology when few did. Today, in an increasingly stressed world, it manages to transmit to us an increasingly necessary balance”
Carlos Oliveira Art Curator and Cultural Assesor - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

"The earth as matter and matter as structure, Sanchez-Santiago expresses the purity of nature through his large-format works, where material paintings full of life and energy appear"
Heiner Halder Art Critic - Aargauber Tagblatt - Swidzerland

“See you again with a new star. Inspired by his native land, international art lovers can appreciate his incredible work full of philosophy and feelings in the numerous exhibitions of him, spread over the five continents”
Angelika Eisenführ Art Critic, Journalist and Editor - Germany

“In his very varied compositions he struggles to break molds and classics with his conceptual spirit and at the same time with commendable balance. His humanized textures play trying to provoke a relationship with the perception of those who contemplate them"
Lluis Llongueras International Stylist and Artist - Barcelona – Spain

“European art is present in our country, through the work of sansan. His work has an international language, capable of adapting to perfection with the viewer, no matter where they are”
Maria Garcia Cultural Advisor - Punta del Este - Uruguay

"The artist who loves ocher, temples and blues, that mixed with natural elements, creates unique works full of life, capable of making a world of sensations and feelings feel and perceive through them"
Carolina Tomas ABC Newspaper - Spain

“Why is this artist different? Because it is a safe value?
For its great quality, style and beauty. And for its discretion, great value and commitment among important people around the world”
Patrick Weber Art Investor - Luxembourg

“He has earned fame as an artist, with an enviable career. Sailing or painting is always authentic"
Panxo Pi-Suñer Director - Surf Magazine - Spain

"For Sanchez-Santiago, there is a constant concern for the environment and nature, which are his source of inspiration, and it is through his work that he truly expresses a message with which the artist wants to sensitize the observer"
Isabel Lopez The Page of Zurich - Swidzerland

“The sea lives latent within Sánchez-Santiago. The infinite colors run freely through his veins, it is an inheritance that lasts and that transmits in each brushstroke, in each gesture"
Cristina Vila Journalist - Emporda Newspaper - Spain

“When I met Sánchez-Santiago, I was captivated by both his work and his person. He himself explains his particular way of seeing the world, his universal individuality, our common and now united way of Life. His search, his courage, his simplifying Depth”
Enric Borras EBE Editor - Spain